Resource Mobilisation NKRA Overview

The Resource Mobilisation NKRA aims to strengthen Tanzania's financial position, mobilise additional resources and strategically allocate resources through prioritised initiatives that will bolster the country's current growth momentum, in line with Tanzania Development Vision 2025.

Resource Mobilisation NKRA aims to achieve the following topline Key Performance Indicators by 2015/16:

  • Implementation of TZS 6 trillion worth of BRN projects via private project funding
  • Cap non-BRN expenditure budget for 2014/15 and 2015/16 to TZS 17.7 trillion
  • Reduce budget deficit to TZS 4 trillion
  • To raise cumulative incremental revenues from Resource Mobilisation NKRA initiatives of TZS 3.9 trillion
  • Raise cumulative incremental revenues from non-tax initiatives totalling TZS 410 billion
  • Facilitate relevant legislative changes related to Resource Mobilisation initiatives

This focus manifests itself in three key initiatives:

  1. Project funding - Unlocking Resources and Improving Cash Flow
  2. Government Expenditure Management
  3. Revenue Management - Addressing Leakages and Exploring New Revenue Sources

This NKRA is led by the Ministry of Finance and Planning.

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