About Big Results Now!

Big Results Now! (BRN) is a Delivery Methodology adopted by the Government of Tanzania to transform Tanzania’s public service delivery to help achieve its Tanzania Development Vision 2025 aspirations.

The Cabinet in 2012 identified six priority sectors, known as the National Key Priority Areas (NKRAs), which are; Agriculture, Education, Energy, Resource Mobilisation, Transport and Water. These sectors were selected into the BRN priority mix based on the highest relative impact in terms of projected number of beneficiaries, quality of life, as well as the feasibility of achieving measurable impact within a relatively short timeframe.

Additionally, the Government recognizes the role of a conducive business environment in promoting more private sector involvement to hasten the country’s economic transformation. Starting from 2015/16, the Government has rolled out six new NKRAs in the Business Environment improvement priority area. These NKRAs are; Realigning Regulations and Institutions, Access to Land and Security of Tenure, Taxation, Labor Law and Skill Sets, Curbing Corruption, and Contract Enforcement.

All these NKRAs aim to bring Tanzania closer towards realising the attributes outlined under the Tanzania Development Vision 2025, by accelerating Tanzania’s transition into a dynamic, well governed society characterized by the qualities of a middle income economy.

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