Energy NKRA Overview

The Energy NKRA set out to achieve results in three focus areas that aim to double the base capacity and energy delivery by 2015. The three focus areas are maximising the potential of existing assets, prioritising project implementation to ensure timely completion of new infrastructure and transforming sector operations for financial viability and efficiency.

Energy NKRA aims to achieve a topline Key Performance Indicator of increasing the annual energy delivery from 97kWh/capita to 237 kWh/capita by 2015/16.

The initiatives outlined to maximise the potential of existing assets and improve the financial viability of the energy sector will reform the entire value chain of the energy generation and distribution process. It aims to reduce transmission losses, maximise production efficiency and increase total power generating capacity. Furthermore, in order to prioritise delivery of the country’s new key energy assets, “business unusual” practices have been identified to transform how projects are prioritised and implemented to ensure on-time delivery.

This NKRA is led by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals.

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