The Big Results Now! Delivery Methodology

The Big Results Now! (BRN) is an 8-Step Delivery Methodology designed to focus on delivering implementation of specific goals within a stipulated delivery timeline. The BRN Delivery Methodology was adopted by the Government of Tanzania in 2013 to transform Tanzania’s public service delivery, enabling Tanzania to achieve its Tanzania Development Vision 2025 aspirations. The Methodology comprises a highly adaptable set of tools that enables proactive tracking, monitoring and problem solving across the implementation structure.

Together, these eight steps established a developmental transformation framework that underscores inclusiveness, transparency and accountability:

The Government of Tanzania recognises the need to identify priority sectors when embarking on a transformation programme to ensure focus, effective deployment of resources and implementation within a specific time frame. The Cabinet selected the priority sectors based on the highest relative impact in terms of projected number of beneficiaries, on quality of life as well as the feasibility of achieving measurable impact within a relatively short timeframe.

The priority sectors identified under BRN are known as the National Key Result Areas (NKRAs). The NKRAs aim to bring Tanzania closer towards realising the attributes outlined under the Tanzania Development Vision 2025.

The initial NKRAs that began implementation in 2013/14 are:

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Resource Mobilisation
  • Transport
  • Water

In 2014, the Government of Tanzania identified additional NKRAs focusing on critical areas of improving the business environment as well as delivery of health care services in Tanzania.

Under the broad area of Business Environment, six NKRAs were identified – Realigning Regulations and Institutions; Access to Land and Security of the Tenure; Taxation: Multiplicity of Levies and Fees; Curbing Corruption; Labour Law and Skills Sets; Contract Enforcement, Law and Order. Healthcare NKRA focuses on addressing fundamental issues faced in the primary health sector – quality and efficient services, equitable access, accountability in service delivery as well as maternal and child mortality rates.

The BRN Delivery System

Under the BRN 8-Step Delivery Methodology, a new transformation Delivery System, together with specific monitoring and evaluation tools is put in place to reinforce existing Government institutional structure to facilitate and expedite implementation. The Delivery System is applicable to all stakeholders at every level of the Government whose actions will have some bearing on implementation, ranging from stakeholders at the working level agencies to the leader of the country. The BRN Delivery System adopted by each lead NKRA Ministry builds in avenues for accountability checks and problem-solving platforms to ensure that the senior-most level of the Government is always aware and appraised of developments on the ground and is ready to provide intervention where necessary.

Overview of the BRN Delivery System

For more information on the 8-Step Delivery Methodology, click here to download the Big Results Now! Roadmap.